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We are so glad that you have decided to visit the page and hope that you will be motivated to do so again and again as you become an active part of this group.  
We are working hard to establish and define ourselves and this LOH page within the chapter website. We are open to ideas - new and previous - and will update this page with more information as decisions are made concerning what we want our LOH to be about.

And that's where you come in!  We hope that you'll get active and then we may begin doing more things and having more fun together.  And then hopefully more ladies will join us!

OUR MISSION – “To Ride and Have Fun”
Ladies of Harley was established by Harley Owners Group to encourage women members to become more involved in chapter activities.  LOH is not a separate group from H.O.G.; it is an added benefit for women riders and passengers.  More and more women move from the passenger seats to their own bikes, but we still want non-riders to feel welcome!  Membership to LOH is free to active H.O.G. members (either Full member or Associate member).  However, you must register; it is not automatic.  We encourage all the ladies to join us.  Your presence, thoughts and ideas will make a difference!


As mentioned above, LOH membership is free to active female Harley Owners Group members.   It does not matter if you ride your own (Full member) or are a passenger (Associate member), you can be part of LOH – but you need to take the steps to join.  To join national H.O.G., go to  Don’t forget to click yes for LOH.  To learn more about joining this South Shore H.O.G. chapter, go the membership information page of this chapter’s website.

As LOH members we represent the voice of the ladies for the South Shore Chapter. As your LOH officer it is my honor to bring new ideas-- which hopefully will include your ideas-- to the monthly Officers’ and Chapter meetings. This could include anything… a new charity, LOH sponsored rides or events, girls night out, etc.

Come on, ladies!  Let your voices be heard!

The goal of LOH is to encourage female riders and passengers to participate with the entire membership in rides and events. That being said, LOH could have our own periodic meetings to discuss and plan upcoming events and solicit new ideas. Also, there could be ‘LOH sponsored events’ planned by LOH and are open to men and women.  Let’s not forget the  main mission- to ride and have fun, so definitely plan on seeing announcements for ‘Ladies Night Out’ especially during the waiting-for-riding-season and mother nature thinks she has us snowed in!

Join us and help us fulfill our mission – To Ride and Have Fun! This is where laughter is heard, memories are made and friendships bond.  It’s where people like you come together to share their common interest in Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  We look forward to meeting you and riding together.